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e3 Diagnostics offers a wide variety of newborn hearing screening instruments that are fast, reliable, and easy to use. If you’re implementing a Universal Newborn Hearing Screening program or are just in need of a new instrument, browse our devices today to find the right fit for your unique needs!


Vivosonic Aurix

An advanced hearing screening system from Vivosonic, the Aurix identifies potential hearing loss in newborns and infants with the utmost accuracy and efficiency.

With fully automated ABR capabilities, it improves reliability and reduces the likelihood of abandoned tests. The Aurix from Vivosonic is intuitive and easy to understand, allowing you to conduct a full diagnostic test in just three steps.


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  • Automated ABR
  • Perform screening in 3 simple steps
  • No need to interpret results
  • Portable and convenient design enables bedside screening
  • Wireless technology simplifi es testing in the NICU and isolettes
  • Obtain reliable results under non-ideal conditions
  • Easy patient preparation
  • Easy-to-use software with helpful feedback
  • Easy exporting of data for report generation